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By the pool by Mick-o-Maikeru
By the pool
 Another drawing that i spent so long drawing that i just don't want to work on it anymore... It is very sad to see my inspiration slowly fading away as i keep delaying my projects. Spending too long looking at something simply makes your brain get so used to seeing it that you can barely notice if anything is out of place etc. anymore. Flipping the canvas only helps so far. So i am submitting this despite not being happy with the overall picture.

 Anthro ponies! Wanted to try my hand at it. I was wondering if i could make nsfw art, i know many people greatly oppose mlp drawn that way and i do enjoy drawing cute ponies more than drawing sexy ones, so this is the result. I suppose the "sightseeing" i did during my vacation was a part of the inspiration too, as i could see the pool directly from my room.

 I personally think i should crop the image to only feature Rainbow Dash since im (only) pleased with how she came out. I tried a couple of new things but not enough to be interesting to mention. I still struggle greatly with; keeping track of my layers, properly finishing certain shapes, clouds, water, skin, and im afraid the list goes on.

 Any comment and/or criticism is much appreciated!

Garments of the Wise Beast by Mick-o-Maikeru
Garments of the Wise Beast
 The loading screen i did for my first DotA2 Workshop item submission: Garments of the Wise Beast

 You can check out the item submission, preview video and the 3D models themselves…

 I always liked Spirit Breaker, the good for nothing OP in pubs trash in competitive space cow. I dunno, something about the hate surrounding the hero makes him more charming to me for some reason. But the main reason why i like him is his appearance. I was never too fond of his armor though, and decided to make one myself.

 I went for a more "Spiritual" look. The character is a half spirit, half beast being and the manner of his speech also makes him feel more like a mage or shaman than a warrior, however most -if not all- sets made for him bring out his warrior side.

 I have spent almost over a year working on this project. I learned 3D modelling and a lot of other things connected to it. Re-did the entire set of models 3 times. Finally it is done, and i almost shed a tear when i finally got a "Super epic volvo please add this and give me one copy" thumbs up thingie. Hopefully it wont be the only one...

 Your support would help me quite a lot, you do not even have to rate the project up, rate it down if you please, what i would greatly appreciate is feedback. This is my first year of ever working on a 3D project, i've got a lot of room for improvement.

 Thanks to my good buddies : :iconmagnificentartist: and :iconxerca: . They helped me quite a ton in not only making the set (Preview images and particle effects) but also in a lot of technical details. Needless to say, i wouldn't have been able to publish the set without them.

 Edit: I generally updated the image. Removed the contrast tweaks, added a bit more light and definition to the background mist as well as the ground. Attempted to give more detail to the feathers while staying true to the model. Re-did the flaming head and fixed and completed some odd parts on the body.

Warrior of the Moon by Mick-o-Maikeru
Warrior of the Moon
 The "moon-axe" and an armored pony were both things i wanted to draw, so here you go. Thanks to my poor color choice she looks more like Nightmare Luna, which was unintentional and she was supposed to be "regular" Luna.... Derp.

I have grown extremely sloppy with my art recently. The next one i do, i will pay close attention to keeping my guide/line-art very clean and try to be more smooth with the colors. Unfortunately i'll be gone for the next week, so i didn't have enough time to work on this.

Any comment/criticism is much appreciated!

 Luna belongs to Hasbro
Cold Encounter by Mick-o-Maikeru
Cold Encounter
 "As she walked deeper and deeper into the blizzard, her hopes in finding the tribe started to fade -and so did her vision. It wasn't in her nature to back down, so she kept walking until her inevitable demise... Or so it seemed. Little did she know that she was not the only one wandering the icy heights of the North, looking for someone..."


 Finally i managed to finish something in less than a day. Took me about 8 hours or more... Im not really sure.

 I tried to paint without using any line-art, it definitely speeds things up a little but im not sure if i will keep relying on this method in the future.

 Any comment/criticism is much appreciated!
The NightMare is Young by Mick-o-Maikeru
The NightMare is Young
...And she is off to hang out with her friends.

My part of another art trade with :iconsketchywolf-13:

Hope you like it buddy!

Im rather bad at more symmetrical or geometric shapes, so the car didn't come out as i had hoped, not to mention i noticed that i didn't follow it's design very accurately, but overall i think it works.

Any comment/criticism is much appreciated!

Rarity, Luna and Cellestia belongs to Hasbro,

Sketchy belongs to :iconsketchywolf-13:

Edit: Fixed a bunch of errors, derp.


Mikayıl (Michael)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi! My name is Mikayıl, but you can call me Michael or simply "Mickey"! I love drawing and i am hoping to become a character/concept artist for video games/animations in the future.

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